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A Manchester Story

A nature-inspired wellbeing project, featured on Manchester Stories

20th May 2021

During the summer of 2020, through a collaborative (but online) Creativity & Wellbeing project at university I developed my own individual project inspired by nature.

I wanted to label the plants and flowers around the area of Ancoats where I am based, encouraging people to take notice of the small but beautiful things around them.

I created signs using pieces of recycled wood and jute string, writing on them with colourful posca pens. I used them to label the brilliant wildflowers in Cotton Field Park, and some interesting plants along the Ashton Canal.

It was here that I started documenting my project and my journey with plants and wellbeing on my separate Instagram account This means ' Garden of Lenore', I chose this because I have always adored the romantic sound of the French language, to me it sounds like a hidden or secret paradise. And Lenore comes from when a Spanish teacher once called me Lenor, which I thought was beautiful - I think it's quite fun and lovely when people get my name wrong and interpret it in their own language or culture.

Find the full article & more photos on the Manchester Stories website: