About me

Eleanor Sofia Walker

Hello, I’m Eleanor and I am a handweaver.

I spent 3 years at university learning to weave and I now own a small table loom and a large floor loom where I create my own woven textiles.

For me, weaving is a never-ending journey where craft, storytelling and the senses come together.

I like to explore each of these through what I create. By making hand woven pieces for the home, I hope to bring comfort and beauty to everyday life.

As a person I am curious and present, a passionate learner finding joy in the small things.

About my work

Everything I weave is made using natural fibres and materials, like soft cotton, fluffy merino wool, nubbly silk noil and more. This is important to me because of their power to reconnect us to the natural world, and because too much around us today is synthetic. I believe this connection we have with nature can improve our wellbeing and I like to incorporate this philosophy into my textiles.

Nature is what inspires me the most, with her colours and diversity, intricacies and simplicity, eternal growth, and perfect imperfections. But I also find ideas and inspiration in people, experiences, and feelings; sometimes a colour or pattern choice can just be an intuitive decision.